How to choose the best microwave oven combo in the USA?

In the US, microwave oven combos are common kitchen appliances. These microwave-convection ovens also bake and fry. Microwave oven combos make cooking meals fast and easy by reheating, defrosting, and cooking. The question arises – how to choose the best microwave oven combo in the USA?

Over 90% of U.S. houses have microwaves, market research shows. As consumers seek multi-tasking appliances, microwave oven combos are in demand. The appliances’ ability to combine microwave cooking speed with standard oven browning, crisping, and textural features makes them popular. This unusual combination gives home cooks speed, variety, and performance that traditional microwaves lack.

Microwave Oven Combo Defined

A microwave oven combo includes convection baking and grilling. For more varied cooking, a microwave oven combo combines many technologies instead of just microwave radiation.

You can bake, roast, broil, crisp, brown, and air fry in addition to reheating and defrosting. This helps you make more dishes like in a full-sized oven. Microwave oven combos are smaller and cook faster than regular ovens.

Microwave energy vibrates the water molecules in food, heating it from within. The convection mode circulates hot air with a heating element and fan to brown and crisp the outside evenly. Heat from above browns and sears items while grilling. One gadget with multiple capabilities gives home cooks a flexible tool for everyday cooking.

Benefits of Microwave Oven Combos

Over separate microwave and oven machines, microwave oven combos have various advantages:

  • Save Space- A combo unit saves kitchen counter space by combining both appliances. You only need one appliance instead of two. Space-constrained settings like apartments, dorms, and compact kitchens are suitable for microwave oven combos.
  • Convenience- Convenience With a combined device, you can use the microwave and oven without opening two appliances. Everything is in one place for convenient access. Only one device needs cleaning and maintenance.
  • Multiple Cooking Functions- It has multiple cooking functions. Combination microwave ovens combine microwave cooking speed with oven cooking methods. One gadget can microwave, bake, broil, defrost, and more. Combination devices offer more cooking options than microwaves or ovens.

How To Choose The Best Microwave Oven Combo In The Usa? Key Features

When choosing a microwave oven combo for your home, consider these features:

  • Size: First, check the microwave oven’s capacity and size to make sure it fits on your countertop or built-in. 0.5 to 2 cubic feet microwave oven combos are available. Consider your dish size needs.
  • Power: Next, find enough watts for cooking. Most models are 500–1,200 watts. Higher wattage speeds up cooking and reheating.
  • Functions: Decide what cooking functions you need. Reheating, defrosting, and popcorn are standard on most models. Air frying, baking, broiling, and convection cooking are more options. 
  • Sensor cooking: Models featuring a humidity sensor may detect moisture released while cooking and automatically alter cooking time for optimal results. This cooks meals evenly without programming times or power levels.
  • Smart features: High-end versions may have voice assistants, remote control apps, automatic cook programs for certain dishes, and more. Ask yourself if smart connectivity is worth the money.

Prioritizing these crucial qualities will help you choose the best microwave oven combo for your culinary needs. Try multiple models in person to assess usability, capacity, and performance.

Top Brands of Microwave Oven Combos

The top brands are solid bets for microwave oven combos. These firms are well-established and reputable. Popular and durable microwave oven combo brands in the US include:

  1. LG: This Korean company makes innovative electronics and appliances. Sensor cooking, easy cleanup, and sleek modern appearance are common in LG microwave ovens. Combination models have convection or grilling functions.
  2. Samsung: The South Korean behemoth offers feature-packed microwave oven combos. Features include grill and steam cooking, auto menus, eco mode, and outside digital touch pads. Build quality and durability are strong.
  3. GE: Choose GE for American-made appliances. They offer convection baking and broiling in their microwave oven combos. Presets, auto cooking, and customization give you freedom.
  4. Whirlpool: Whirlpool microwave combos blend into your kitchen with user-friendly designs. Turntables, sensor cooking, and convection are desirable. These microwaves are power-efficient.
  5. Frigidaire: An economical brand, offers combination microwaves with convection baking, pizza cooking, and food type controls. They offer diverse functionality in compact variants for smaller kitchens.

Your microwave oven combo will operate well if you choose a reputable brand. Choosing between LG, Samsung, GE, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire reveals solid leaders.

Price Range 

Microwave oven combos cost differently to fit different budgets. Price tier overview:

Budget $200-$500

Cheap microwave oven combos cost $200 to $500. Less than 1 cubic foot and 800-1000W oven capacity are typical. Black + Decker, Magic Chef, and Galanz have affordable models. The microwave has basic but useful functions.

Mid-range ($500–$1000) 

Microwave oven combos with higher power, size, and amenities cost $500 to $1000. Expect 1.1–1.6 cubic foot ovens with 1000-1250W electricity. This line has good alternatives from GE, Whirlpool, and LG. Mid-range models provide sensor cooking, pre-programmed menus, and auto-defrost.

High-end ($1000+)

High-end microwave oven combos with over 2 cubic feet of oven space, 1250+ watts, and premium amenities cost $1000+. Cafe, Samsung, Bosch, and KitchenAid compete here. Expect stainless steel exteriors, convection, and adaptability to cook many dishes. The interface and controls will be excellent.

The price range includes budget and luxury models. Consider oven size, power, and features. Choosing the right microwave oven combo will depend on your needs and budget.

Placement Considerations

Consider positioning while picking the best microwave oven combo for your kitchen. Microwave oven combos take up more counter space than normal microwaves, so be sure you have plenty.

The average microwave oven combo is 30 inches wide. Before buying, measure the appliance’s placement to ensure it fits. Ask yourself if you need to reorganize your kitchen to fit the larger footprint.

Ventilation also affects placement. Built-in ventilation is common in microwave oven combos. However, your kitchen may need external ventilation. Smoke, grease, and odors from oven and cooktop functions can be prevented with proper ventilation.

Consider other kitchen appliances nearby. The microwave oven combo should be near your other cooking places for convenience. Avoid extension cables and rewiring by placing them near an electrical outlet.

Take measurements, evaluate your kitchen, and consider ventilation needs to put your new microwave oven combo optimally. This will make it fit your space.

Additional Accessories Microwave Oven Combination

Here are some more microwave oven combination accessories:

Microwave Carts

Microwave carts add countertop and storage space. The cart can keep microwave-safe kitchenware and accessories near the microwave oven combo. Microwave carts with wheels are portable. Find a microwave cart that fits below by measuring it.

Popular microwave cart materials are stainless steel, wood, and metal. Stainless steel carts match most appliances for a uniform look. Wood carts are natural and appealing. Metal carts are strong.

Choose a microwave cart with appropriate storage. Some have open shelving; others have cabinets. Slide-out shelves and drawers maximize storage.

Trim Kits

A trim kit integrates your microwave oven combo into your cabinets for a seamless effect. Wraparound microwave side panels and top trim are included in the trim package. It fills microwave-cabinet gaps.

Trim kits are available in stainless steel, black, white, bisque, and other colors to fit your kitchen. They are usually composed of metal or wood.

Choose a trim kit made for your microwave model. The microwave oven combo cutout in your cabinets must be measured carefully to fit. Install the trim kit correctly by following the instructions.

Your microwave oven combo can look and work better with the proper accessories.

Maintaining Your Microwave Oven Combo

Like any device, a microwave oven combo needs regular maintenance to work well. Maintenance advice for your microwave oven combo:


  • After each usage, clean the microwave with a gentle cloth, light detergent, and water. Watch for grease and food splatters.
  • Microwave-safe, non-abrasive cleaning Avoid strong cleaners and scouring pads that scrape.
  • After each use, wipe the exterior with a soft cloth. Clean stainless steel versions.
  • After each use, clean the glass turntable. Use gentle soap and water, rinse, and dry.
  • Remove the glass turntable and rinse the microwave floor weekly to remove food crumbs.
  • Keep ventilation holes clear of debris.
  • Replace grease filters every 3–6 months or when they are filthy.

Replacing Parts

  • Light bulbs should be replaced when burned out for effective interior lighting.
  • If the glass turntable is deformed, damaged, or significantly scratched, replace it.
  • Replace microwave door gaskets and seals if they don’t close correctly or are broken.
  • For fresh exhaust air, replace carbon filters if your model vents.
  • If fans become noisy or stop moving air, replace them.

With proper maintenance, this microwave oven combo should last for years! Please notify the manufacturer of any recurring concerns.


The optimal microwave oven combo for you depends on several factors:

Consider how you’ll use the item. Will you just reheat and defrost? Will you routinely bake and roast in the convection oven? This will help you choose size and features.

  1. Size: Measure your kitchen area and microwave oven capacity to make sure it fits. Standard capacity is 0.7–2.2 cubic feet. Measure width, height, and depth.
  2. Power: Most models are 500–1250 watts. A higher wattage cooks faster. Consider your cooking needs before choosing power.
  3. Budget: A budget From $150 to $500+, microwave oven combos are available. Find the best deal within your budget.
  4. Features: Choose your most useful features. This features sensor cooking, convection baking, broiling, and defrosting.
  5. Reliable: Find durable, long-lasting models by reading reviews and ratings. Continue using top consumer brands.

Taking time to assess your needs and compare options will help you choose the best microwave oven combo for your kitchen. Consider the intended purpose, size, power, pricing, features, and reliability while buying.

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